Dresselhaus Update August 2015

Dresselhaus Update August 2015

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Steve and Lois, Serving with TEAM in Mexico

Steve and Lois, Serving with TEAM in Mexico

I have never run a marathon, and probably never will.  My sports tend towards cycling, SCUBA and kayaking,  and the idea of plodding along,  soaked in sweat and barely able to gasp enough air into desperate lungs has little, if any,  appeal to me.   However, based  on finish line videos we have seen we feel right now like we are in the last phase of a marathon. We are finishing up the support raising process, working to get the house ready to rent,  meeting with churches,  working on visas for Mexico, shipping our stuff to La Paz and discovering the uncountable details needing to be cared for prior to the move.   In this last paragraph you will discover a bunch of embedded prayer requests.

The Lausanne Movement conference on creation care. 100 scientists, theologians and practitioners met to discuss the role of the church and missions agencies in caring for God's creation.

The Lausanne Movement conference on creation care. 100 scientists, theologians and practitioners met to discuss the role of the church and missions agencies in caring for God’s creation.

While the move back is taking a lot of our time, we are both still active in our jobs as well.  I, Steve, just got back from an excellent conference on stewardship of the earth.  The conference was sponsored by the Lausanne Movement and TEAM was given two of the 100 available slots.  If creation care (environmental missions) interests you, send me an email – I’d love to discuss this topic with you.

Lois and a neighbor across the street organized a really fun block party attended by nearly 50 people.

Lois and a neighbor across the street organized a really fun block party attended by nearly 50 people.

Another highlight was a block party Lois and a neighbor across the street organized.  The successful party was an attempt to get our neighbors to know each other.  It was a delightful time.  It was an encouragement to us to see our neighbors talking, mingling and getting acquainted.


Our current plans call for us to move into the TEAM apartments in Carol Stream, IL on September 1 and to leave for Mexico on October 1.  On August 20 we will be holding an open house at TEAM’s missions place in Wheaton.  We would love to have you drop by for a visit.  This will be informative and will be a means of presenting to everyone what our work is and as a means of saying “Thank You” to a lot of wonderful people.

If you are a financial supporter of ours who sends your contributions by snail mail, please be advised that TEAM’s contributions office has relocated to Texas.  The new address for mailing contributions can be found below.  If you use the electronic payment methods nothing changes  (click on link  below).

We are very grateful to all of you who make our work in TEAM possible.  We are honored to be your missionaries working in Mexico. Thank you


 CLICK TO DONATE   Or send a check to:

PO Box 1986
Grapevine, TX 76099-1986

To support our  ministry, include a note stating our name or ministry project, and the amount you are giving.

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fe3912bb-61cf-4898-b3d7-5ea452f94d982967dcd7-088f-4b02-b038-cd42c6c1fdc9 INTERESTING HAPPENINGS                                                                                             I doubt that stealing fish will ever become the theme of a TV crime drama; but for those of us involved in TEAM’s new creation care ministries, the theft of half the fish from our Fish For Life fish farm in Zimbabwe was an exciting moment, a victory of sorts, a proof of concept.  Our missionaries involved in this project  have created a desirable product, something  with perceived value, so much so that thieves broke in to steal the fish.  There are now burglar bars on the fish tank.    Creation care ministries are in a growth phase in TEAM right now as missionaries show their love for people by caring for  and protecting  the environment where they live.  Our desire is that the fish farm will be a source of both protein and employment, and that it will ease the burden on the remaining natural water sources.  Our desire is that this will also create hour after hour of time with the local people allowing them to hear about, learn about and begin to follow Jesus. Creation care ministry in TEAM is a dream come true for me.

TEAM is continuing to grow.  As we grow we are seeking to provide ministry, resources and services to other agencies and groups in an effort to help them serve and to learn from them.  A big part of my work is seeking to enter new-to-TEAM countries and  to establish and then develop partnerships, primarily in the Latin America context.  However, TEAM is now, for the first time in our 125-year history, assigning missionary staff to work in the US and Canada on a full-time basis. This is a challenge as we seek to discover what our particular role in North America is.

Our plans to return to Mexico are on the front burner again.  We are planning on returning this fall.  My role as senior director for TEAM’s ministry areas in the Americas will remain unchanged.  Please pray for us as we work towards this move.  There are many moving parts, and my work as senior director is increasing.  Lois hopes to resume her work of small group Bible study and intentional discipleship.  She has been approached about teaching Spanish and also about becoming involved with a ministry that works with victims of abuse.
A trip to Africa took me to Zimbabwe and Mozambique to spend time with our staff involved in creation care ministries, and with our various ministry partners in Southern Africa.  TEAM will still gladly pioneer new projects; but we are placing increasing value on partnering with works that already exist.  We believe God is honoring this attempt at fostering unity among fellow servants.


Details of the move – renting our house and selling our stuff

Remaining financial support need (about $500 a month)

The drug war in Mexico has heated up, but this time La Paz is not exempt from the violence and the murder rate is escalating alarmingly. Pray for missionary safety.

Pray for us as we lead TEAM into its new ministries in the United States and Canada.  In a continent as racially and ethnically mixed as ours, what should be our approach for honoring Jesus’ request for unity?

               The students and staff at the Dondo Bible Institute in Dondo, Mozambique.

We celebrated Lois’s birthday on this month with neighbors and friends.  Joel was able to come up from St. Louis.

Lois and I were able to travel to West Virginia for the nationals in acrobatics and tumbling.  Azusa Pacific University, Claire’s team, came in third. The blur in the air is Claire.

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Dresselhaus Update March 2015



     MARCH 2015 UPDATE

    Steve and Lois Dresselhaus


TEAM Guatemala’s first ever annual conference

                         What’s new?

Going into an ice cream shop, one is confronted with dozens of choices.  This is how Lois and I have felt the past few months as we waited for clarity regarding to where we should relocate. The wait was not particularly  difficult, because the choice to be made was from a collection  of good options; and the wait has not  negatively impacted our work in any way.  After consulting with our sending churches and TEAM’s leadership, the decision is for us to return to La Paz, which was what we had been planning  on last fall.  As TEAM continues to grow rapidly, we need to be positioned in a place that is advantageous to my role as a senior director for global ministry.  But we also want to be located in a place where Lois can immediately connect with ministry. Returning to La Paz seems to be the best place for this to occur.


TEAM participated in the COMIMEX conference in Mexico City. This was a nationwide conference on Missions


     In February I completed a trip to three countries in Central America – Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.  Lois was able to accompany me on the Guatemala portion of the trip.  As TEAM  rapidly grows we are able to expand our work into new countries, start all kinds of new projects and ministries, and develop partnerships with other agencies and church associations with whom we can serve.  It is with a sense of excitement, joy and deep expectation that we are able to seek out these new opportunities.   We are very grateful to the Lord for helping TEAM grow like this.  A personal joy for me is seeing how the ministries related to caring for the environment as a means of caring for people are blossoming around TEAM’s world and finding quick and easy acceptance.                                        I am grateful that the “Americas Team”  is now complete.  There are five us working together to give direction to TEAM’s work and ministry in all the Americas.  It is a joy to work with these wise and godly men who have a passion for the lost world and nearly limitless energy to accomplish the task.  Working with these men–Martin, Craig, Ben and Mark–is an honor.


SIGO VIVO is a church-based ministry to homeless young people and those struggling with substance abuse. We partner with them in Guatemala.

                                                              Future Activities                                                                  Obviously, moving back to La Paz is looming in the near future.  Also, my travel schedule will be somewhat heavy this year, as TEAM enters new countries in South and Central America and continues developing our North American ministries.  Much of our immediate ministry is related to the growth we are experiencing, as new missionaries, new agencies and new-to-us church associations join with us in spreading the good news of the reconciliation of all things made possible by the blood of Jesus.   We wake up every morning eager and energized to see what God has in store next.


For wisdom as we plan for our move back to La Paz                                                                    -That we get back to full financial support                                                                                     That our house will rent quickly so that we can move soon                                                      For a summer job for our daughter


        We are excited about the current ministries in which we are engaged, and we are thrilled with the prospects of the future as we relocate back to La Paz.   As we partner with others in Kingdom work, we are clearly experiencing the joy and blessing that comes from such work.  We would welcome your participating with  us in our work through praying, giving, visiting, corresponding, or even joining us overseas.  Could the Lord be calling you to serve overseas?

Contact information:

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   DSCF4563              Decisions – Decisions

This letter is NOT being sent from Mexico.  Because of the rapid growth of TEAM there is a modification of my senior director’s role.  Currently I oversee TEAM’s missionary work in all the Americas.   As you know, from our past letters, I have been seeking  someone to become the regional director for TEAM’s new work in North America. That person just might be me.

Because of the work of Martin Gonzalez in Central America, Craig Querfeld in South America, and Ben Bacheller in TEAM’s creation care work, the way has been opened for me to dedicate a greater portion of my time and energies to developing TEAM’s new and future work in the US and Canada. No formal decision has yet been made; but Lois and I are willing remain in the United States and more fully develop TEAM’s work.

All of you who pray for us and support us financially are our sending church.  You may not all know each other, but together we are a team working to advance God’s Kingdom in this world.  Our part, all of us together, is the Americas.  Because you are our sending church, Lois and I would welcome your input, your ideas, your God-given insights as we work with TEAM’s top leadership toward making the right decision regarding not what we do but where we serve.

Remaining in the US would be an occasion for grief,  as for a long time  our passion has been for Baja, Mexico.  To say goodbye to a lifelong dream which came true is not easy.  Remaining dry-eyed at the thought of a permanent goodbye to our friends, coworkers, churches and our joy-filled Mexican life is not possible. Even as I write these words, the knot in my throat is bigger than big.


           This is an elevated train station in a Mexican neighborhood in Chicago

If we stay in the US we would likely move into an urban center, possibly Chicago.  A quickly done survey indicates that few, very few,  US mission executives live and work in urban areas in the United States.  We believe a visible presence in an urban center will be a useful tool in diversifying the US missionary base.


                       Yes, that is the Willis Tower and yes, this is downtown Chicago

We remain ever so grateful for you who have prayed for us and stood beside us for nearly 30 years of missionary service.  We are humbled by your faithful giving and are grateful to be a part of your work overseas.

 Steve and Lois Dresselhaus

Contact information:

CLICK TO DONATE   Or send a check to TEAM, PO Box 969 Wheaton, IL 60187-0969

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A Prayer and Newsletter update from Steve and Lois


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe above photo is of a family backpacking trip before Claire headed back to college. Pictured left to right are Steve, Lois, Claire, and Juline Dresselhaus Lloyd, Steve’s youngest sister.


          God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.”  When Jesus sent out the disciples, they went out together. The church is described as a body with many members.  It really is a no-brainer understanding  that  carrying  out God’s work is not a solo adventure. As Lois and I head back to Mexico (hopefully January 2 or 3), we will be rejoining our “old” teammates. This is a cause for celebration and thanksgiving as we will be returning to work with some of the best people on the planet.

But a new team is also being formed.  In my role as TEAM’s senior director for the Americas, it took but half a second to realize that this task is monumental and cannot be done alone.    In order to accomplish the task before us, we are creating a team of experienced missionary professionals who will be focusing on their geographic areas. Together we will formulate plans, strategies, and projects; and together we will lead TEAM into new countries and new ministries.The new team on which I am very pleased to serve is composed of the following co-workers and friends.



 Craig and Sue Querfeld  Craig was born and raised in Central America.  He and Sue have successfully planted churches and led teams in Peru.  Craig is a sportsman, thinker, cross-cultural expert and  relational leader.  He will help us expand our work into countries in South America that are new to TEAM.


Martin and Susie Gonzalez  Lois and I worked with Martin and Susie  on a team in La Paz for many years.  Martin and Susie are   successful church planters and counselors.  Martin is a theologian, gifted teacher, musician, and  topnotch administrator.  He will be helping expand our work into Central America.


Ben  and Becky Bacheller.  Ben is a missionary kid  raised in Brazil.  After serving in Brazil, he and his family have returned to the United States.  Ben will using his training and his expertise  in environmental science working with me as we develop strategies, events, ministry opportunities and a biblical basis for TEAM’s Creation Care department.


This is person X, that unknown individual who will be heading up the US and Canadian ministries for us.  I have interviewed  a person I would like to work on the team with us, but now he must decide.  Please be in prayer for this person.

                  HOW CAN YOU PRAY FOR US?

  • We have a target date of January 3 as our departure date to drive into Mexico. I can’t begin to enumerate all the prayer requests related to this.
  • The house is not yet rented.
  • We still need “Person X” to help with the US/Canada ministries.
  • Our support is still low.


         – Joel’s job is going well in St. Louis.

– Claire’s return to the US and trip back to college went smoothly.

– Lois and I both have excellent people with whom to work.

– My role in helping TEAM expand into new countries is an encouraging                                      adventure.


We remain ever so grateful for you who have prayed for us and stood beside us for  nearly 30 years of missionary service.  We are humbled by your faithful giving and are grateful to be a part of your work overseas.


 DONATE HERE or send a check to TEAM, PO Box 969 Wheaton, IL 60187-0969

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During the past two months I have had the privilege of visiting several countries in South and Central America. Some things I have seen have been amazing and encouraging. Other things have been less than encouraging.
Seeing trained and godly leaders taking their fellowships into new and exciting ministries. Seeing people who used to be far from God now serving Him by serving others. Seeing veteran missionaries excited about mentoring the next generation missionaries into effectiveness. Seeing TEAM’s legacy in South America and confirming through the visible results just how effective our predecessors were in ministry. Being warmly welcomed by our Mexican friends during a recent trip to La Paz and seeing their joy at our pending return to live there.
Seeing evidence that much of the church in South and Central America is weak and not impacting the culture or society in any meaningful way. Seeing many church goers who don’t seem to understand that Jesus followers are to be doers and not just hearers of the word. Seeing vast segments of the church being seduced by materialism and the pursuit of prosperity. Seeing some members of a congregation attempt to close down a ministry to street kids because the kids might “defile the holiness of the sanctuary.”
Joel has a good job that matches his degree from college. He is helping expand the market of a manufacturing company which is growing internationally.
Claire has a summer job, working as a steward on a mega-yacht in the Mediterranean. She starts the job as soon as she finishes her short term missions experience in Antalya, Turkey.
– We are still making plans to return to Mexico. We still need to rent our house out and we need to raise more support.
– I am working to help TEAM enter 5 new countries. Pray I will do it well. We are entering the new countries through partnership with existing national ministries. Pray that TEAM will be a good partner.
– Pray also for us was we develop TEAM’s creation care ministries.
As Lois and I raise our support we are seeking new partners who will stand by us as many of you have for so many years. We are grateful for the partners we have. If any of you have any suggestion regarding potential partners we would love to hear about it.


Steve’s cell phone 630 639 8378   Lois’s cell phone 630 221 0308                                             Email:  or

To make a contribution click here DONATE HERE  or mail a check to TEAM PO Box 969, Wheaton IL 60189

To read my fun (sometimes serious blog) click here MACROCHRISTIAN



This is a fun way to “go to church.”                         A taco meal with friends in La Paz.



Craig Querfeld, Me, Luis Alfonso, Luis Carlos at the Bogota airport.  The making of a team






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The photo above is of a sunrise on the Bay of Honduras.  I was there for a spiritual retreat with TEAM’s missionary staff.  Honduras is a beautiful country which is being torn apart by violence which is taking the lives of thousands of people a year.  Pray for the safety of all our staff in Central America.

Before going into details about our recent past, our present and our immediate future, Lois and I want to say thank you to all of you who have prayed and who have so faithfully supported for so many years.  Never far from our minds is the knowledge that God has cared for us by providing for our needs through you.  Thank you.    



   Joel graduated from Cornerstone University! Now the career hunt begins                              Claire is home for the summer – sortof – she is heading off to Turkey on a six-week              short term missions trip with TEAM.                                                                                          Lois is taking a class at Wheaton College on teaching English as a second language.              Steve has recently visited TEAM’s missionaries in Guatemala and Honduras. Is it                  acceptable to say that the more time I (Steve) spend with our missionaries the prouder        and happier I am to be a follower of Jesus like them? It is an honor to serve the                      missionaries with whom I work.                                                                                                     The new creation care ministries in TEAM are increasing. Construction on a fish farm           in Zimbabwe is finished (first phase) and a young missionary and his  family are                     moving back to the US  from Brazil and will be helping me develop this area of                       ministry more completely.   


As empty nesters Lois and I are planning on returning to Mexico where I will continue on in my current role at TEAM as the senior director for the Americas.  Lois will resume her women’s ministries in La Paz.   We are once again on missionary salary instead of home office staff.  This means we must raise support just like all our other missionaries.   We are short $900 a month. Another current detail is deciding and then acting on what to do with our house in Wheaton.  A good friend has offered to manage it for us if we can rent the house. This would be our first choice.


Here is where the sunrise theme comes in from the photo at the top comes in.   As a leader in TEAM it is my privilege to help guide our missionaries, both the veteran missionaries and the new ones as they develop new strategies, make plans, start ministries and obey Jesus as he works towards the fulfillment of his kingdom purposes.  As we help missionaries make disciples of Jesus who will form themselves into sustainable gatherings, show the love of Jesus to  their families and neighbors and as these transformed people transform their cities,  countries and world we would ask you to partner with us as we serve  and guide them.  Contribution information can be found at the end of this letter.


The photo at left represents what I do as I work with missionaries.  I am a cheer leader looking through binoculars.  My job is to help missionaries look into the future, discern with them what they sense God wants them to do and then I cheer them on as they pursue their objectives.  I drew this during a workshop four years ago during  which we were instructed to draw a picture of what we do in ministry.

The photo above represents what I do as I work with missionaries, but you will have to forgive my art work. I consider myself to be a cheer leader looking through binoculars. My job is to help missionaries look into the    future, discern with them what they sense God wants them to do and then I cheer them on as they pursue their objectives. I drew this during a workshop four years ago during which we were instructed to draw a picture of what we do in ministry.


CONTRIBUTIONS:  TEAM, PO Box 969, Wheaton IL 60187-0969  or  CLICK HERE STEVE’S FACEBOOK    Steve’s email    Lois’s email                                                MACROCHRISTIAN  – A fun or serious blog, but hopefully always helpful for something LOIS CELL: 630 221 0308             STEVE CELL: 630 639 8378

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The photos above are of a church in Guatemala City which would like to partner with TEAM in serving the poor and very needy of  the city.  The first photo,  of the rather unimposing church building,  highlights  a water purification plant at the front of the church building which offers clean water and jobs to the local population.  The middle photo is of the kids brushing their teeth after lunch – something they probably don’t do at home.  The third photo is of the church school  started in order to meet the needs of the children of the dump.  At the end of this letter are some additional photos from Guatemala.


At one point in the  preparation for building the tabernacle,  Moses had to tell the people, “Stop!  Stop bringing all the gold and silver to the worksite.  There is enough already.  Stop!”   I can’t say that about Lois’ and my level  of  financial support – yet – but this is how I am tempted to feel in regards to all the new people,  new countries and new worldwide opportunities the Lord is bringing to TEAM these days.   We are overwhelmed with applicants and invitations to open new work, mostly in partnership with other agencies and with national church associations–each of which  holds dear  the last prayer of Jesus before his crucifixion when he prayed, “Father, may they be one, even as you and I are one.”    As TEAM missionaries around the world partner with others to  establish Christ honoring, society transforming churches,  God seems to be giving us his seal of approval.  We are grateful  to God for his blessing and we are grateful to you, our supporters who pray for us and who give to our work, enabling this to happen. mexico_flag_map_drapeau_bandiera_bandeira_flagga-1969px

What is the vision God has placed before us and for which we are asking you, our teammates and companions, to pray? 

–          In the next five years TEAM hopes to enter 30 new (to TEAM) countries.  The new countries I will be involved with as TEAM’s senior director with oversight for the Americas are  Venezuela, Colombia,  Chile, Uruguay and the United States.  Yes, the United States now needs to be considered a missionary receiving nation.   The specific request is for missionary leaders to head up the work in each of these countries.

–          As you know, Lois and I are planning on returning to La Paz, Mexico where I will continue on in my current role with TEAM.  Lois will resume her work with women and be serving in the local churches.   The details of  this move are a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, as there are so many things to care for.  All the while, the increasing workload of a rapidly growing missionary workforce does not diminish.  I think Lois and  I need a series  of those “sun stood still” days like Joshua’s.

–          Pray for our kids.  Joel  is about to graduate from Cornerstone University.  Yep, he is looking for his first career job in international business.  Claire still has a year and a half to go before she graduates from Azusa Pacific University.  She will soon be heading to  Turkey for a summer missions trip.    All you parents out there in similar situations know how to pray about these things.  Thank you.

–          Before Lois and I can return to La Paz, we do need to get to full support.  CLICK HERE   This will have to be done while still engaged in my  full-time role at TEAM; and we are not sure how to go about this.


Lois and I firmly believe  that the church, as the body of Christ , is the vehicle God does use and will continue using  as he works his will on planet Earth.  We believe that the church is just starting to understand the magnitude of her privileged role in service to God.  We are eager to participate in this world changing venture and would like you to join with us as together we serve him who served us all.




EMAIL: (Steve’s work)   – (personal email)

Fun/humorous blog   Macrochristian  (sometimes it is serious)

CONTRIBUTIONS:  Checks can be mailed to TEAM, PO Box 969, Wheaton, IL  60187-0969   Or you can CLICK HERE

A church run bakery to teach job skills to the poor

A church run bakery to teach job skills to the poor

Showing love the Jesus way

Showing love the Jesus way

A church run medical clinic

A church run medical clinic

A sports ministry called Global Soccer Ministry

A sports ministry called Global Soccer Ministry

A mega church which doesn't quite seem to fit with the poverty of  Guatemala

A mega church which doesn’t quite seem to fit with the poverty of

Inside a typical dump area church

Inside a typical dump area church

A typical scene in the Guatemala City dump

A typical scene in the Guatemala City dump

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Steve and Lois Dresselhaus    —–     Winter 2013


Q:  What looks European, acts European, thinks European but has probably never             been to Europe?

A:  The majority of the  people of Uruguay.


During a just concluded research trip for TEAM,  it quickly became apparent that the people in Uruguay view themselves as more European than Latino.    As TEAM contemplates starting work in this small South American country, the uniqueness of the people presents some interesting challenges.  These challenges include an alarmingly high percentage of atheists/agnostics, near epidemic levels of family dysfunction, and the rapidly escalating twin issues of addiction and suicide.



Q:   What is long and skinny, has a spectacularly beautiful coastline and  2,717 miles of mostly snow-capped mountains?

 A:    The country of Chile.


In addition to  Uruguay , Chile was one of the countries TEAM missionary Craig Querfeld and I explored as a possible new ministry area for TEAM.  We met with potential partners and are now praying about whether or not TEAM should begin work in that area.  We have been invited to partner in a church planting and university work.


IMG_1999       IMG_2002

Lois is active with the Big Buddy program in our area.  This is Lois with her “little buddy” Jennifer on  a special Saturday project.  I tried my hand at making a Jaco-lantern for Jennifer.  We had Jennifer’s family over for Thanksgiving.



  • We are still unsure about when and where we should relocate.   La Paz is by far the front runner.
  • We need to raise additional  support since we are moving back overseas on missionary status.
  • TEAM is rapidly expanding into new areas.  We need more missionaries and more leaders.  Would you consider joining us in the work?
  • Should we rent or sell our house in Wheaton?
  • Joel will graduate from Cornerstone in May and will be starting a new phase of his life.
  • Claire  will be a junior at Azusa Pacific.  She has some decisions to make regarding a semester abroad.





EMAIL: (Steve’s work)   – (personal email)

Fun/humorous blog   Macrochristian

CONTRIBUTIONS:  Checks can be mailed to TEAM, PO Box 969, Wheaton, IL 60188-0969    Or you can CLICK HERE

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Dresselhaus prayer and news update                                                                        Fall 2013



Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Philippines, Mexico:  These would be the countries I have visited recently in my travels as one of TEAM’s senior directors for global ministries.    Oops!  Wrong list!  These are the countries  where our neighbors in Wheaton are from.  Little by little Lois and I are starting to get to know our neighbors.   We have had some of our friends come to our house for dinner or for a prayer time for our neighborhood,  and we have been invited to their homes.  It has been a challenge for both our neighbors and us to carve out time in which to meet and serve one another.   Anyone else struggling like this?  The “American Dream” is more of a nightmare when it comes to creating meaningful  blocks of time for sharing the love of Jesus with those around us.

Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, oh yeah, and California:  This is the real list of countries I have recently visited in my role as a senior director  for TEAM.  Yes, I know California is not a separate country politically, but after four years in the Midwest it sure seems like one.    It has been exciting seeing all that God is doing through his people.

Why a Fresh Start?  Lois and I do feel the need for you to pray for us as we have some major decisions to make.  The main one is where we should live.  As TEAM’s Senior Director for the Americas I am given the task of rebuilding TEAM’s missionary workforce in the Americas, a region which has not gotten much attention in recent years.  This includes starting TEAM’s work in the United States, something which we, as an organization, have never done before.   Lois and I are planning on returning to La Paz, which is our desire and our first choice, but should we move to downtown Chicago to be closer to urban Hispanic ministry in the US?    We have already given up Baja once to come back to the US, and it is painful to think of maybe giving it up a second time.  However, we are missionaries who have taken the vow of “anywhere–anytime. “

Also pray for us as we help our missionaries expand into new areas in the Americas.  Guatemala has just been added as a TEAM ministry area.  In November,  I will be leading a research trip to Chile and Uruguay to look at partnering with church groups there.  These are really exciting times as TEAM undergoes a major expansion of both the missionary workforce and new areas of service around the world.

We are thankful that our “kids” are doing well. Joel is taking this semester off from his studies at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI and anticipates graduating in May with a degree in international business. Claire is a sophomore at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA, majoring in psychology.  We have been glad that this time in the US  has allowed us to see more of them through their college years. Please pray that God will continue to direct their paths as they put their trust in Him.

As we move, to wherever it will be, Lois and I are back to missionary status.  This means that we are back on support, which, well, . . . you all know what that means.  We do need your  financial support (CLICK here) and prayer backing as we continue our work for the church around the world.  We are, as always, grateful to the many of you who have been supporting us so faithfully through the years.

Jesus is Savior and King.

Steve and Lois


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