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A family photo taken during a wedding I officiated this summer

A family photo taken during a wedding I officiated this summer

“It was the names of your kayaks” which caused me to seek out Christians to find the answers I was looking for.”


Each kayak has a name of the fruit of the Spirit painted on the bow.  In the  photo above the featured boats are Patience, Love, and Goodness.

“I don’t want the sermon to be any longer than eight to ten minutes.”  Perfect, my kind of sermon,  and one I got to give at the wedding of a good friend when we made our recent trip to the US.
“Uruguay is on line”  These words from my coworker Craig who has been working hard to get TEAM missionaries into Uruguay.  Thanks to Craig’s efforts we are ready to go in Uruguay, and also Colombia.
“I’m on a road trip visiting our missionaries.”  This from Mark, one of my coworkers and leader of TEAM’s ministries in the US.  This was a momentous occasion because for nearly all of TEAM’s 126 years we have not worked in the US or Canada.  Now we consider both of these countries needy mission fields just like any other.
“We could place as many church planting missionaries as TEAM will send us;”   are the words my coworker Martin frequently says as he sees limitless opportunities in Mexico and Central America to start churches which will help make disciples and transform our cities.
“Emilio died this morning.”   This was the call from Memo, a worship leader at our church, letting us know that the man Lois and I had helped care for had passed away.  Emilio had recently become a follower of Jesus.  Being with him in the different stages of his journey from life to death to life was an experience which taught me more about myself and my faith in Jesus than a hundred classes ever could have.


I wish there was an adequate way to keep all of you, our friends and supporters, up to date with all that is going on.  Facebook, SKYPE, e-mail all help, but it really is impossible to keep you current on all we would like to share with you.


Joel is very much enjoying his career  in international marketing.  He is doing well at it and we are grateful.
 Claire is now in  South America starting her Fulbright Fellowship.  She will be facing a huge list of unknowns in this phase of her life.
Lois has been involved in teaching Spanish and English, helping with children’s outreaches, visiting her parents in California, and preparing to assist in a counseling ministry for survivors of abuse.

We would appreciate your prayers for:

The kayaking ministry which has become very sought after, as it creates so much time to spend with people (https://steveandlois.com/2016/07/28/time-to-relaunch/).  We are in need of a vehicle to tow the trailer.  The lack of a vehicle is severely  limiting the number of people I can take out.

This was the original kayak ministry van. We need a vehicle for hauling the trailer

This was the original kayak ministry van. We need a vehicle for hauling the trailer

  • The El Faro church where we attend needs a roof.  We currently lack the funds to build.
This church building lost its roof to an arsonist.

This church building lost its roof to an arsonist Our personal financial support is a bit low.

  • Our personal financial support is a bit low.
  • I am still  analyzing  my current role in TEAM. Should I take a lesser role in TEAM’s leadership and dedicate more time to direct ministry in La Paz?  Should Lois and I help start El Faro 2? How much time should we dedicate to the kayaking ministry, which  could easily become our full time ministry?                                                                                                                         CONTACT INFORMATION
  • Email:  steven.dresselhaus@team.org   —   stevenloisdress@gmail.com Click here to  DONATE TO DRESSELHAUS MINISTRY
    SKYPE stevedresselhaus or lois.dresselhaus
    Our fun blog is MACROCHRISTIAN

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Contributions to our work can be mailed to  TEAM’S NEW CONTRIBUTIONS ADDRESS.
PO Box 1986
Grapevine, TX 76099-1986

To support our  ministry, please include a note stating our name or ministry project, and the amount you are giving.  Thank you!


About Steven Dresselhaus

Steve and his wife Lois live in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. They are the founders and directors of RECONCILIAMAR, -- http://www.reconciliamar.org/ ---a Mexican NGO that "uses adventures at sea to transform lives." Because of the generous contribution of people like you who follow MACROCHRISTIAN, SCUBA diving and sea kayaking trips are offered free of charge to local people. The goal is to increase people's love for the ocean thus giving them a personal reason to want to care for and protect it. Steve and Lois also use adventures at sea to create large blocks of uninterrupted time in which to talk about King Jesus. Look for them at www.reconciliamar.org. Steve is a SCUBA diver, sea kayaker and an avid cyclist. Meeting with followers of Jesus every week in a house church setting is a number one priority for him. Making the world a better place by obeying Jesus is what energizes him.
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