The photos above are of a church in Guatemala City which would like to partner with TEAM in serving the poor and very needy of  the city.  The first photo,  of the rather unimposing church building,  highlights  a water purification plant at the front of the church building which offers clean water and jobs to the local population.  The middle photo is of the kids brushing their teeth after lunch – something they probably don’t do at home.  The third photo is of the church school  started in order to meet the needs of the children of the dump.  At the end of this letter are some additional photos from Guatemala.


At one point in the  preparation for building the tabernacle,  Moses had to tell the people, “Stop!  Stop bringing all the gold and silver to the worksite.  There is enough already.  Stop!”   I can’t say that about Lois’ and my level  of  financial support – yet – but this is how I am tempted to feel in regards to all the new people,  new countries and new worldwide opportunities the Lord is bringing to TEAM these days.   We are overwhelmed with applicants and invitations to open new work, mostly in partnership with other agencies and with national church associations–each of which  holds dear  the last prayer of Jesus before his crucifixion when he prayed, “Father, may they be one, even as you and I are one.”    As TEAM missionaries around the world partner with others to  establish Christ honoring, society transforming churches,  God seems to be giving us his seal of approval.  We are grateful  to God for his blessing and we are grateful to you, our supporters who pray for us and who give to our work, enabling this to happen. mexico_flag_map_drapeau_bandiera_bandeira_flagga-1969px

What is the vision God has placed before us and for which we are asking you, our teammates and companions, to pray? 

–          In the next five years TEAM hopes to enter 30 new (to TEAM) countries.  The new countries I will be involved with as TEAM’s senior director with oversight for the Americas are  Venezuela, Colombia,  Chile, Uruguay and the United States.  Yes, the United States now needs to be considered a missionary receiving nation.   The specific request is for missionary leaders to head up the work in each of these countries.

–          As you know, Lois and I are planning on returning to La Paz, Mexico where I will continue on in my current role with TEAM.  Lois will resume her work with women and be serving in the local churches.   The details of  this move are a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, as there are so many things to care for.  All the while, the increasing workload of a rapidly growing missionary workforce does not diminish.  I think Lois and  I need a series  of those “sun stood still” days like Joshua’s.

–          Pray for our kids.  Joel  is about to graduate from Cornerstone University.  Yep, he is looking for his first career job in international business.  Claire still has a year and a half to go before she graduates from Azusa Pacific University.  She will soon be heading to  Turkey for a summer missions trip.    All you parents out there in similar situations know how to pray about these things.  Thank you.

–          Before Lois and I can return to La Paz, we do need to get to full support.  CLICK HERE   This will have to be done while still engaged in my  full-time role at TEAM; and we are not sure how to go about this.


Lois and I firmly believe  that the church, as the body of Christ , is the vehicle God does use and will continue using  as he works his will on planet Earth.  We believe that the church is just starting to understand the magnitude of her privileged role in service to God.  We are eager to participate in this world changing venture and would like you to join with us as together we serve him who served us all.




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A church run bakery to teach job skills to the poor

A church run bakery to teach job skills to the poor

Showing love the Jesus way

Showing love the Jesus way

A church run medical clinic

A church run medical clinic

A sports ministry called Global Soccer Ministry

A sports ministry called Global Soccer Ministry

A mega church which doesn't quite seem to fit with the poverty of  Guatemala

A mega church which doesn’t quite seem to fit with the poverty of

Inside a typical dump area church

Inside a typical dump area church

A typical scene in the Guatemala City dump

A typical scene in the Guatemala City dump


About Steven Dresselhaus

Steve and his wife Lois live in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. They are the founders and directors of RECONCILIAMAR, -- ---a Mexican NGO that "uses adventures at sea to transform lives." Because of the generous contribution of people like you who follow MACROCHRISTIAN, SCUBA diving and sea kayaking trips are offered free of charge to local people. The goal is to increase people's love for the ocean thus giving them a personal reason to want to care for and protect it. Steve and Lois also use adventures at sea to create large blocks of uninterrupted time in which to talk about King Jesus. Look for them at Steve is a SCUBA diver, sea kayaker and an avid cyclist. Meeting with followers of Jesus every week in a house church setting is a number one priority for him. Making the world a better place by obeying Jesus is what energizes him.
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