This is La Paz. It is always good to come home.

This is La Paz. It is always good to come home.


I’m sitting in the Mexico City airport on my way home after a trip to Honduras and Costa Rica.  I spend a lot of time in this place.  The purpose of this trip was to visit new TEAM folks in Costa Rica, participate in the anniversary celebration of  a TEAM related church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and visit with and develop partnerships with sister organizations and churches.  God is at work in Central America and on this trip we saw some absolutely wonderful things that made us proud to be Jesus followers.  We saw churches training their own people to be the next generation of pastors and elders.  We saw churches enthusiastically becoming missionary sending churches.  We saw churches caring for orphans, the oppressed, the abused.   We saw churches who view themselves as the tool and not the goal.   We saw churches which want to grow so they can do more to help  the broken world around them.   We saw churches which have obviously read the last half of Matthew 25 and have learned from it and are practicing what they learned.  It is an honor to be allowed to partner with these churches and become part of their team, part of their dream.  My take-away from this trip?  They and we  need more workers, lots of them.  Might King Jesus be asking you to participate in mission?


This is the IMPACTO church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.This was the Sunday morning service celebrating their 15th anniversary. They had a group of nearly the same size at their first service on Saturday night.  This is an amazing church – very active in leadership development, disciple making and missions.I could talk about this church for hours; and I hold it up as an example of what a church with a vision can become.


This is Project Abraham in San José, Costa Rica. It is a church which has developed an onsite orphan care project using small group homes and a day care facility for kids from troubled neighborhoods. Much of this building is made from used and re-purposed construction materials.This is one of those “wow” places.


  • We need lots of new missionaries, thousands of them around the world.  We need people who are so in love with the church they  want to spend their lives building it up, either by starting new fellowships or by launching ministries which will help the existing fellowship become bigger, stronger and more effective in making Jesus- following disciples.  There are countless ways to be involved in this.  Write to me, and keep praying.
  • As the Americas Team I lead becomes increasingly effective, I am hoping my schedule will lighten up a bit.  If this happens, I would like to launch a secondary, part- time ministry of kayaking in La Paz. Should we start that up again?  Please feel free to let us know what you think; and please be in prayer with us about this.
  • Now that we are mostly settled back into life in La Paz, Lois is looking for her major ministry.  She is involved in several things but is seeking clear understanding of where the Lord is leading.

This photo is from the former sea kayaking ministry we used to run. This was a group of young people from a support group for kids whose parents had really messed up their lives. It was an effective tool for sharing the good news of Jesus, counseling and for helping people become more like Jesus.



This was on the kayak outing yesterday which was led by my friend. Here the guide is giving a talk on conservation. Should Lois and I relaunch the kayak ministry? This morning during the gathering of the church with which we meet, three families asked us to relaunch the ministry.   Pray with us about this. Thanks.


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About Steven Dresselhaus

Steve and his wife Lois live in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. They are the founders and directors of RECONCILIAMAR, -- ---a Mexican NGO that "uses adventures at sea to transform lives." Because of the generous contribution of people like you who follow MACROCHRISTIAN, SCUBA diving and sea kayaking trips are offered free of charge to local people. The goal is to increase people's love for the ocean thus giving them a personal reason to want to care for and protect it. Steve and Lois also use adventures at sea to create large blocks of uninterrupted time in which to talk about King Jesus. Look for them at Steve is a SCUBA diver, sea kayaker and an avid cyclist. Meeting with followers of Jesus every week in a house church setting is a number one priority for him. Making the world a better place by obeying Jesus is what energizes him.
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