In 48 hours from now (sometime Thursday afternoon/evening) we hope to be  460 miles down the Baja Peninsula in the small coastal town of Guerrero Negro.  This will put us halfway down the long desert highway on our way back to La Paz. The adrenaline associated  with the adventure of returning to a place we so deeply love is coursing through our veins.

      This is the Baja Peninsula. La Paz is near the southern tip of of the peninsula.
We are looking forward to reestablishing our lives and ministry in La Paz.  We are looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, both missionary and Mexican.   We are looking forward to participating with the local churches in their holistic service to the community; and we are looking forward to helping TEAM expand its globalization efforts.

        We are blessed to love two great countries.
The past six years in the US have been good and they were productive; but now it is time for us to move back.  We love our home, our friends and the church in the US, but we believe we are to work in Mexico again.   We have enjoyed being back stateside and getting involved with many of you.  It is encouraging for us to know that so many wonderful people are backing us with their prayers and with their generous giving.

We do have some items for which we would like you to pray.

  • Safety on the road.  Extremely heavy rains have badly damaged portions of the highway.  This makes for bouncy rides and jangled nerves.
  • Finding a place to live.  We will need to reestablish a home in La Paz.  In many ways we are starting from scratch, almost like newlyweds.  Fun!
  • Lois is asking for prayer as she develops her ministries (counseling, leading Bible studies, and teaching English/Spanish are likely).  She is also considering a reading program for children.
  • Our support is lower than ideal.
  • Pray for Claire.  She is in Ecuador finishing up her last semester in college and will soon be looking to start her career.
  • Pray for Joel as he continues to develop his career in international business.                                                                         

We are grateful to all of you who have so faithfully prayed for us and supported us.  We look forward to reporting to you all the Lord will be doing in the next few years as we serve him in La Paz.

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About Steven Dresselhaus

Steve is a career missionary with TEAM. TEAM is a faith based, international, non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to making life better for everyone now and in the future. We do this by creating sustainable and reproducing gatherings of Jesus followers who understand that as long as they are here they have the privilege of serving Jesus by serving their neighbors and by teaching them spiritual truths found in the Bible. Steve is a SCUBA diver, sea kayaker and an avid cyclist. Meeting with followers of Jesus every week is a number one priority for him. Making the world a better place by obeying Jesus is what energizes him.
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